The Insurers’ Association of Mauritius (IAM), which was previously known as the Insurance Council of Mauritius (IACOM), was set up in 1972. The Association’s constitution was revised in 2001 to provide notably for the establishment of a full time secretariat and to update its objects.

In a nutshell IAM is a top level forum (i) between government and insurance companies; (ii) amongst members themselves and (iii) between the public at large and insurance companies. By the nature of its coverage of the island’s economic activities IAM interacts with many stakeholders including ministries, government bodies, business organisations, press and public at large.

The Association is also a founder member of the African Insurance Organisation (AIO) which was set up in Mauritius in 1972. In 2012 the AIO celebrated its 40th anniversary in Balaclava, Mauritius — an event that attracted more than 500 delegates worldwide. IAM is also a founder member of Business Mauritius.


We are committed to being a progressive insurance industry in a rapidly changing economic, regulatory and technological environment by collectively enhancing consumer understanding, business and professional skills, promoting industry best practices to build and sustain a reputation of excellence for insurers, and through the association fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect with government and business


A trusted and knowledgeable voice for sustainable growth in insurance and economic development in Mauritius.

An Organisation fit to meet present and future challenges facing the Insurance Industry in Mauritius

Our Objectives are, inter alia to:

The Insurers’ Association of Mauritius is an unapologetic advocate to all stakeholders that the assumption and management of risk is beneficial and that the insurance industry is an important component of national social and economic life.